Quest Sport™ Model Rocket Kit - Q1007

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A good looking...well...SPORT rocket. Bright yellow with black decals, easy to see in the air, even easier to see in the high grass. Easy-to-build with no painting needed. Includes self-adhesive decals, plastic fin unit, and streamer recovery! Includes both 18mm and 24mm motor mounts.

Quest Skill Level 1 Quick-Kits do not require painting or finishing beyond the application of self-adhesive decals and can usually be completed in 30 to 45 minutes or less.

This kit requires assembly. Hobby glues, finishing supplies, building tools, launch system and rocket motors for launching are not included.

Launch supplies sold separately. Flying with 24mm rocket motors requires the AeroTech Mantis Launch Pad (89281), AeroTech Interlock Launch Controller (893891), Enerjet rocket motors with FirstFire™ Initiators and Recovery Wadding. A 12-volt battery source is required for the AeroTech Interlock Launch Controller - Not Included.

Launch supplies sold separately. Flying with 18mm rocket motors requires the Complete Launch System (Q7700), Quest Q-Jet™ rocket motors with FirstFire Micro™ Initiators and Recovery Wadding. One 9-volt, snap-top, Lithium battery is required for the Q2 Launch Controller - Not Included.

Recommended for ages 12 to adult. Direct adult supervision is suggested for those under 12 years of age when building or flying model rockets.

  • Specifications:

    Length: 16 in. (40.6 cm)

    Diameter: 1.378 in. (35 mm / T35)

    Weight: 2.4 oz. (68 g)

    Recovery: Streamer

    Fins: Plastic Fin-unit

    Décor: Self-adhesive Decals

    Flights up to 2,200 ft. (670 m)

    Uses Quest Q-Jet™ 24mm White Lightning™: D22-7W (1st flight), D22-10W E26-7W, E26-10W rocket motors.

    Uses Quest Q-Jet™ 18mm Black Max™: B4-4FJ (1st flight), C12-6FJ, D16-6FJ, D16-8FJ rocket motors.

    Uses Quest Q-Jet™ 18mm White Lightning™: B6-4W (1st flight), C18-6W, D20-6W, D20-8W rocket motors.

    Other brands of model rocket motors, with a similar motor type (power) designation, should be OK for use in this product.